FFXIV Stormblood Has Been An Utter Nightmare

In current several days, Early Access period for Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion has been beginning, until ends with the launch on June 20, 2017. But unfortunately, no one in development is ever quite prepared for the absolute dedication and round-the-clock grinding gamers are willing to put in to anything even remotely new. It’s important to note that Final Fantasy XIV Gil is still required by gamers.

Final Fantasy XIV

Matter of factly, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood has been an utter nightmare for a lot of very, dedicated players. And since early access periods usually take place on temporary servers, they aren’t always the most stable. The problem essentially boils down to players being unable to access the new maps, unable to enter instanced content like duties and dungeons, and a hell of a lot of camping.

At present, Square Enix has been dealing with a series of problem. But it’s not totally and completely resolved just yet, despite the company having allowed for additional logins and implementing other fixes. You’ll still likely see it from time to time, and unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about it. Luckily, you can rest easy knowing this isn’t a problem on your end.

According to Yoshida, he explain the current congestion issue regarding instanced battle content, including the Stormblood main scenario quest ‘Best Served with Cold Steel,’ due to the Duty Finder crashes at the start of early access. Since a huge number of gamers currently playing Stormblood, and as a result, the servers continue to experience a large amount of stress. Other problems need to addressed, more additional news or guides, reference to here.