Square Enix Would Remake Final Fantasy XIV And Then Relaunch

Square Enix clearly knows that gamers cares about the plot of the game,fetch quests, kill quests, dungeons and raids. Final Fantasy XIV stands out among various gameplay, Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, feels like an actual journey. In the near future, a few interesting changes are coming.

Final Fantasy XIV

Initially, Final Fantasy XIV was released in 2010 but became a failure due to a plethora of issues. Square Enix would then remake the game and relaunch it as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013. Whenever anything new comes to Final Fantasy XIV, fans turn out in overwhelming droves capable of overwhelming servers. In fact, Square Enix is still keen to expand to additional consoles.

If Final Fantasy XIV actually comes to Xbox One, it could greatly expand the player base. If it launches on Nintendo Switch, it could set the precedent of MMOs on Nintendo Switch, which would be new ground to break on a Nintendo console. How do we satisfy our customers or our players? FFXIV4GIL is specialized in selling Final Fantasy XIV Gil at relatively cheap price.

Until now, Final Fantasy XIV has been out for some time and has just released its third major expansion, the goal of producer Naoki Yoshida is to put the game in as many people’s hands as possible. So thus, he’s been in talks with both Nintendo and Microsoft about bringing the game to their systems. You can visit here to see full and new content.