The Experience for Final Fantasy 15 Comrades Multiplayer Beta 1.02

Square Enix released a new update for the beta of Final Fantasy XV. The patch is numbered 1.02 and the notes simply mention “various bug fixes.” It seems there’s no impact to the experience from “bug fixes.” At the very least it seems like you’ll have a much more stable experience playing it than you might have before. If you are interested in the feeling of how multiplayer Final Fantasy (not an MMO) might feel like, you can go ahead and play it through to Sunday.

If you missed a season and haven’t downloaded the client yet, unfortunately it’s not available anymore, so you’re locked out. You can still read all the information provided by Square Enix about what’s the difference between beta and the final.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment we have no idea about  when the the multiplayer mode Comrades will be releasing, but no need to worry Gamescom will give us more latest news.