Madden 18 Tips On Collecting Coins By Solo Challenges

Madden Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 18 allows you to build a winning team from scratch and challenge your friends for ultimate bragging rights. You can build your roster from some of the best current NFL players, legends, and even future Hall of Famers.

Solo Challenges is the section of MUT that allows you to play against the computer with your team. As the game gets older, EA add more and more solo challenges to MUT. These can include playing each teams’ 16-game schedule, or trying to recreate the biggest moment from seasons past and present. In these challenges, you can win coins, packs, contracts or items. All of which are important.


However, the easier the challenge (or lower the game difficulty) the less coins you get. So, for example, it will take you a long time to get enough coins for a pack or an individual item by playing all of the easy solo challenges. But there is one set of Solo Challenges that is a fairly easy and quick way to get a decent amount of coins to start off.

That set is called “The Gauntlet”. There are three categories in The Gauntlet and they each target a section of the game – Rushing, Passing and Defense. In each category, there are 16 challenges, all on Pro difficulty (the second easiest difficulty). If you complete all of these challenges, you’ll receive 21,250 coins and 4 packs/items.

Those coins are enough to either buy you several gold level players, or a few elite players if you can find a bargain. Or it is enough to buy you two Pro Packs (the only pack that’s always available). Each of those packs will give you at least 1 gold or better player, along with 9 other players or team items (uniforms, stadiums, coaches or playbooks).

The packs/items you receive are a 50-contract pack, a pro pack, and gold category specific pack and finally a category specific reward pack. The gold pack will give you a gold player and the reward pack will give you a limited use elite player.

If you complete all three categories you will have a nice amount of coins and it shouldn’t take you too long.

There are a lot of other Solo Challenges, especially as the season goes on, but some of them are a serious grind. But, if you get through it all and are good enough to beat some pretty damn hard challenges you will get big rewards.

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