FIFA Mobile Has Been Updated To Play

FIFA Mobile has been redesigned to bring the most authentic and exciting mobile football experience you can have! Get a free Cristiano Ronaldo item to start setting up and managing your team. Train any player to become a superstar, attack your opponents and come back to see new daily content throughout the season. And enjoy the game on the go with a download of less than 100 MB. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started, FIFA Mobile will be your favorite source of football.


Develop the most competitive cast by choosing 11 players from over 550 real teams, including stars of the past and present, and train them to have GER above 100. Gain depth on cast, manage casting when you need it, and quickly adjust tactics before each match. Make the right decisions and watch your club become the Ultimate Team.


Dispute thrilling matches that put you directly in possession of the ball and attack with Attack Duel mode. This innovative mode of competition speeds up your game, with you struggling to master 90-second games, rising to leaderboards, and earning year-round rewards.


Stay connected to real football all over the world. Test your ability in Single Player Campaign mode and then challenge yourself with unique themed Events in which you can win incredible prizes.


Join the Leagues, a truly social experience that lets you join forces with other users and fight for glory with friends and other players around the world. Test your ability in league league championships, or face the world’s best players in the League Against Tournaments to climb the Leaderboards and prove your talent on the field.

This app: requires a stable Internet connection (network charges may apply). You must accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy and the EA User Agreement. Includes in-game advertisement. This application contains direct links to the internet and to social networking sites whose target audience is over 13 years old. The app uses Game Center / Google Play Game Services. Disconnect from Game Center or Google Play Game Services before installation if you do not want to share your game with friends.

A big update for FIFA players! This is quite exciting! The new season will be available within a few days, so just seize the limited time and gather enough money and necessary gears and players ahead. If you need fifa coins in game, you can buy cheap FIFA Mobile Coins on U4GM.