What are the characteristics of the 4% energy shield reply and 4% magic reply of PoE Pious Path?

4% energy shield responds with relativeEndGame equipment, that is known as “Shavronne’s Revelation, everyone knows that “Vaal pact” will cancel the life response, but did not say that will cancel the “energy shield reply”, but in the game Almost 90% of the energy shield replies are converted from life through the “fanatic vows”, so Vaal pact is almost synonymous with no seconds. However, Pious Path’s 4% energy shield replies will not be canceled. Just like the sorcerer’s sniper gets 0.5 energy shield reply, these methods can make you still have seconds back when you order Vaal Pact.

What is the great 4% magic reply?
First of all, there are very few ways to get the basic response value of the magic reply.
1. Increase the maximum magic power
2. Clear, inspiring and treacherous
3. A mission legendary jewelry

However, what is the most popular way to get the magic reply? Increase the magic recovery %
So where is the 4% magic recovery?
If your talent + equipment takes 100% magic recovery speed
This 4% magic reply will become 8%

This is a very exaggerated value
In the past, the high-definition, high-level incentive warfare provided a magical base response of 17.2 and 14.8, respectively.
It’s very normal to have 1000 on the basis of a mage (because wisdom will provide magic value)
4% Magic Respond represents 40 points of basic magic recovery value, more powerful than clear + incentive war
At the same time, you can also receive the magical return of the word drop plus multiplication (the ring 1 word can easily get more than 50% of the amount of reply)

So in fact, if your Build is very ridiculous, you can consider using this sublimation solution, but unfortunately, reducing the recovery speed in the map word drop is a very common non-difficult word drop, which makes the sublimation very pity. you can use this Skill to farming PoE Currency Items