A detailed guide for new players in Escape from Tarkov

Many have heard, but not everyone knows personally how difficult it is sometimes for the fighters who have planned an escape from Tarkov. We will tell you about what the Battlestate Games project is at this stage of development in a short overview.

Developer: Battlestate Games
Publisher: Battlestate Games

Social networks and messengers continue to broadcast alarming information about armed clashes, allegedly more frequent in the territory of the former economic zone in the Norvinsk region.

It is reported that looting is rampant in the closed city and entire groups, consisting of local residents, as well as former operatives of security forces, are rampaging.

According to the authorities, this information is not true. The purpose of its distributors is to divert public attention from the facts related to the illegal activities of the British company.

Earlier it was reported that employees of the military organization USEC, defending the interests of the notorious corporation Terra Group, opened fire on the security officials of one of the private security companies based in Tarkov.

The conflict was promptly resolved by joint actions of the UN peacekeeping forces and the RF Armed Forces, however, it entailed a serious political resonance, in connection with which the authorities made a joint decision to isolate the region until the situation was clarified.


The session-based first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov can hardly be attributed to one specific genre – the developers initially planned a hybrid, and made a bias towards a tactical simulator. The notorious “Stalker” is felt to be his blood relative, and the Arma project is a brother in spirit.

But if in the latter the emphasis is placed on the well-coordinated teamwork of small detachments performing combat missions, then in Tarkov the fighters act, relying primarily on their own skill.

As such, there is no story mode here, but the universe can still be explored on thematic forums or on the game’s website. In addition, Tarkov’s world is featured in the official RAID mini-series, which is available for viewing on the official resources.

At the very beginning of the journey, players will have to decide once and for all which side their fighter was originally on – whether he served in USEC or was part of the BEAR squad. One should not delude oneself with the illusion of belonging to the idea of a chosen faction – in Tarkov the concept of “ours” almost does not exist.

You can be sure that the first oncoming player will shoot you in the head, because he, like you, simply will not have time to study the identification marks of a stranger. Kill or be killed is the only valid principle in a closed area.


The general essence of the game is extremely transparent: players choose one of the seven available locations and time of day, after which they go on a so-called raid in search of junk. The time for each session is strictly limited. The main task is to get out, taking with you as many valuable resources and equipment as possible.

The death of a soldier promises a complete loss of the looted, as well as all equipment, excluding items previously hidden in a small case – it is impossible to steal anything from there, you can be sure about its contents.

For the sake of realism, you are not displayed on the map, and you will not have the map itself unless you buy it in advance. In the silence of desolation, bushes rustle loudly, plank floors creak treacherously underfoot, even the shutter of a fire translator can draw attention to you. In addition, AI-controlled bandits roam the territory – the locals call them wild.

By the way, you can go on a raid every 20 minutes as one of them. Your character will not gain experience, but no one will shoot him this way. The wild one starts with random equipment, can take out something from Tarkov and transfer everything to your cache, right down to his own weapons and gear.

Each map in each separate session has its own random set of exits from Tarkov. Wild options usually have more, some can only be used by them. Sometimes for evacuation it will be necessary to comply with a condition, for example, to pull the locking mechanism, wait for the arrival of transport or pay a ransom.

And all this splendor is brightened by stunning panoramas. So natural and believable that it is breathtaking and heartbreaking. The most powerful work has been done with sound and weather, the graphics border somewhere very close to reality. The effect of immersion in the process is achieved immediately and sinks into the soul forever.


The close attention in Escape from Tarkov is paid directly to weapons. All cannons have been recreated in detail according to the drawings of real prototypes, and moreover, they can be literally disassembled in parts, which opens up prospects for bulkheads and all sorts of modifications.

Thus, before attaching a chosen sight to a weapon, you will first have to be puzzled by a suitable bracket for it. There is no Picatinny rail on the gun – forget about a flashlight or a laser.

Stock, forend, chamber – all integral elements of the weapon can be removed and replaced; magazines have to be manually filled with cartridges and carry around replaceable ones in order to quickly reload at a critical moment, and so on.

Also with equipment: body armor and head protection are not intended for beauty, but protect a specific area on the body; tactical headphones muffle unnecessary noise, outerwear and backpacks are your precious slots for resources, ammunition and medicines.

All swag is stored in your personal cache – the only place where all property is safe. It is this pantry that is the center of the universe of every stalker in Tarkov. This is not an old pack of cigarettes, nails and bandages – but the sweat, blood and nerve cells of a player who managed to break out of the perimeter at the last minute.

Each fighter has a personal shelter – some kind of dilapidated dungeon in a godforsaken bunker. Nevertheless, this area can be refined and seriously pumped up in order to greatly simplify your further stay in the zone.

There are a lot of modules, each is built with a meaning and a specific purpose, for example, to open up the possibility of crafting food, drugs and weapon modifications. With the proper approach, your sewer pit will eventually become a protected sector with a video surveillance system and a bitcoin mining farm.

During the raid in Tarkov, injuries can cause concussion, bleeding and even cost you limbs. The defeated operative returns home in a very shabby state, and here a refuge will come in handy, where you can quickly lick his wounds and recuperate. In addition, the fighter needs food and water.

Each action of the character affects his personal skills, as was done in Skyrim – the longer you use a particular weapon, the more confident you are in holding it. Stamina, metabolism, stress resistance and a bunch of other vital skills are similarly swinging. Some hideout modules allow you to speed up the development of the hero.


It is imperative to mention the merchants, of whom there are already eight people in Escape from Tarkov. You will have to develop social skills for the sake of these comrades, because they are your only faithful friend in the game.

Merchants can give orders, which will have to be completed within the framework of one of the races. The reward is the replenishment of the stash with valuable bonuses and a reputation that reveals the potential of vendors.

But they are not only valuable by the counters – you can insure your equipment from merchants before being sent on a raid. In the event that you are killed, and the clothes are left intact, the trusted people will return the lost within the next 24 hours.

Due to individual characteristics, goods and services vary, such as repairs – some repair better, but more expensively, others will spoil the item great, but charge a nominal fee for repairs. A vendor named Peacemaker sells imported weapons, while Skier sells domestically produced guns, and Therapist Elvira Khabibullina sells medicines.

But not only these eight keep the entire economy of Escape from Tarkov, because from a certain level, users have access to the flea market – a local auction where you can sell everything unnecessary to other players.

There are so many subtleties and nuances in Escape from Tarkov that you can cover everything with only a dozen weighty guides. However, already at the first dive, many questions will disappear by themselves. Tarkov is a hardcore game, it does not forgive mistakes and punishes inattention. For a full return, you need two things – good iron and nerves of steel.

For a long time, Escape from Tarkov has been at the beta stage, but it has already been brought to a state that release versions of many projects often cannot boast of.

The developers have finally dealt with most of the problems associated with optimization, from which the game gives out a consistently high FPS, provided that your PC strictly meets its requirements.

In summary, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the work of Battlestate Games at first sight. Even if it’s not yours at all, even if it’s too difficult and nervous, no matter how much you want to swear and yell, jumping from another sudden “olive tree”, you have to admit that getting out of Tarkov is very difficult, but it’s definitely worth trying. When you need Escape from Tarkov Money in the game, you can click here.