NBA 2K21 Enshrined Packs Arrive in MyTeam

As part of Season 7, NBA 2K21 Enshrined Packs are live with the first-ever DM Invincible cards. They feature not only previously-enshrined players but also a trio of all-time greats set to be inducted, such as DM Invincible Kobe, Duncan, and KG. Here are all of the latest details on the new 2K21 Enshrined Packs.

Enshrined Packs

NBA 2K21 Enshrined Packs Arrive in MyTeam with HOFers

Enshrined Packs are live with the first-ever DM Invincible cards. Run with this year’s HOF Class, including DM Invincible Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett.

Five-time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant headlines that class. The late Los Angeles Lakers great will be posthumously inducted with a presentation by Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, who also appears in 2K’s new packs.

Fellow 2020 inductees Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan will also be inducted on Saturday evening. Isiah Thomas will present Kevin Garnett, a former MVP, multiple-time All-Star, and one-time NBA Champion. Duncan, a Spurs’ five-time NBA champion, former league MVP, and multiple-time All-Star, will be presented by former teammate David Robinson.

We got Hall of Famers featured in this pack, including:

• DM Magic
• DM Julius Erving
• DM Ray Allen

Other players available include Hall of Famers Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Each of these players has different overall ratings and key attributes with their cards randomly found in the packs.

Dark Matter Invincible Card Attributes

Dark Matter Invincible Card

1). Kobe Bryant

The Dark Matter Invincible card from NBA 2K21 Enshrinement Packs is Kobe Bryant‘s best, joining his Out of Position card. Key attributes include 99 Outside Scoring, 98 Inside Scoring, 99 Playmaking, 98 Athleticism, 98 Defending, and 96 Rebounding. He has 60 Hall of Fame Badges, just as a superstar of his caliber heading into the HOF should.

2). Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett‘s Invincible card also features all high 90s attributes with 99 Rebounding, 99 Defending, 99 Inside Scoring, 98 Outside Scoring, 98 Athleticism, and 97 Playmaking. KG actually has one more HOF Badge than Kobe and 11 Gold Badges.

3). Tim Duncan

Last but not least, “The Big Fundamental” Tim Duncan gets his second card in MyTeam, which is his best. Duncan has 99 Inside Scoring, 99 Rebound, 99 Defending, 98 Playmaking, 98 Outside Scoring, and 97 Athleticism. The Spurs great has 61 HOF and 11 Gold Badges as well.

Dark Matter Invincible Card Latest Prices

1). Pack Prices

• The Standard packs: 11,250 Virtual Currency or 10,500 MT.
• Five-card Deluxe Pack: 15,000 VC or 17,250 MT.
• 10-pack: 135,000 VC.

2). Auction Listings

• KG and Duncan go for up to 1.5 million 2K MT.
• Kobe Invincible card has topped 3.2 million 2K MT.

There is more news to be released that we will cover in the future. Be sure to check out here to view them along with more NBA 2K21 content.