FIFA 22: First Trading Mechanics to extend your budget


As soon as we have organized our budget, it’s up to us how we utilize these FUT 22 coins to start trading the WebApp.

First Trading Mechanics to extend your budget

  • After everything is sold, you can work ahead with your budget.
  • Snipe top 5 nation/league cards atleast 10% below their value.
  • Sell the cards immediately at their current value to gain profits.
  • Buy top 5 nation/league cards and list them overpriced for 1 hour.
  • Repeat, while sniping, until the card is sold.

Active or passive?

There is an active way, in sniping players cheaper than their current price (about 10% cheaper) and selling them immediately afterwards. On the other hand you can work your way up passively by offering selected
players overpriced on the market (+50-400+% in price).

In both ways you have to keep in mind that you have to cover taxes of 5% depending on your selling price. Make sure that you select cards, which are interesting for many players. For example good values on important stats of your cards (> 75 PAC/SHO/DEF). The league and nation should be popular as well. I recommend England, France, Germany, Italy & Spain.


Definition: Buy players cheaper than their current value on the transfer market while updating your search nearly every second until you get one.

How to:

  • Open the FUT 22 WebApp on your Google Chrome browser.
  • Open the tab “transfers” and in the following “search the transfer market”.
  • Press F11 in order to switch on full screen.
  • Enter the name of your targeted player
  • If necessary, enter the “quality” & “rarity” as well.
  • Change the “min. bid price” to 150.
  • Change the “max. buy now price” to the value 10% cheaper than the market value (or even less).
  • Click on “Search”
  • If a player appears, click at “buy now” fast and press “enter”. (You can spam enter, after you clicked on “search” already.)
  • If you don’t find any player, press the arrow back next to “search results”.
  • Repeat until you find & snipe a player.
  • Sell the player for profit. (Have the 5% EA tax in mind!)

Overpriced selling

Definition: Buy players at their current value & list them overpriced on the transfer market. Lazy buyers will buy them. Short term price increases are always possible at this early stage, where players get bought as well.

How to:

  • Buy player X, which has good stats on his position for 500 coins (value is an example!)
  • List the same player instantly for about 1.000 Coins for one hour.
  • Repeat until the player is sold.

Quick tips:

  • Only buy 1 card per player.
  • Extend your list with new players as soon as possible.
  • List always for one hour, because players often get sold in the last seconds of an offer cycle.
  • Keep at least 10% distance in your price offer from the max. range.