Changes You Need To Know Before Building In NBA 2K23

One of the first things we need to do when we enter NBA 2K23 is to build a player of our own. However, many huge changes in NBA 2K23 will have a big impact on our build, so we need to understand these changes before we build. Here we will introduce you to some of the changes that affect our builds.

New dunking requirements in NBA 2K23

In the NBA 2K23 MyPlayer build system, specific ratings for driving dunks or standing dunk sequences are required to unlock specific dunks.

The dunk rating determines how easy it is to block a dunk attempt. Flashy dunks boost your ability to take over faster than basic dunks. In general, back scrapers, windmills, tomahawks, and other flashy objects are harder to block.

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Small Guards

Small guards who don’t chase caps in NBA 2K23 as they did in 2K22. Ball security has been greatly improved for a good dunker. They downplayed defending big guards, and if you’re a small guard, you don’t block anyone because that’s not your job in NBA 2K23.

Pie charts removed from NBA 2K23

The pie chart has been removed in 2K23. Although Current Gen no longer has pie charts, their goal is to make both versions of the game the same, so their removal of the pie charts will only help you a lot. Once you jump to Next Gen it won’t make much difference as you will experience it in Current Gen.

New Passing Signature Styles

In NBA 2K23 we can equip iconic passing styles to emulate some of the best players ever on the court. Examples, are Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson, Jason Williams, LeBron James, and many more. We can also have signatures that have the same posture as current warriors or past warriors.

The badges in NBA 2K23 have changed a lot

For the organizers out there, you’ll also find some new tools for you to use. lead to basket passes to return to New Gen, so it works the same way as Current Gen. You can simply hold Y/TRIANGLE to have your receiver cut to the basket.

Jumpshot Signatures Stats

This year, each signature jump shot has unique shot stats that help determine its effectiveness:

Shot SpeedHow quickly the shot gets to its ideal release point
Release Heighthow high the shot is released
Defensive ImmunityHow effective the shot is against defensive contests
Timing ImpactAdjusts shot windows to reward good timing at the cost of an increased penalty for bad timing

Adrenaline Boosts

Adrenaline Boosts are a new feature in NBA 2K23 that prevents excessive dribbling. Each player has three available boosts at a time, displayed as three small bars below the stamina meter. Every time a player makes a tough drive or explosive sprint they burn boosters and once their three boosters are gone, players will notice a significant drop in their speed and acceleration for the remainder of their possession.

When we understand the changes in NBA 2K23 we can avoid many mistakes when building players, and we can also use NBA 2K23 MT to speed up the build. This game will be officially released on September 9, so now we can get ready for it.