How does the 2K23 Hands attribute affect the game?

The Hands attribute is the level that determines the player’s ability to catch and hold the ball. It will have a certain impact on the player’s ability to catch the ball during the game. It is very important for catching bad passes, moving passes, and alley-oops.

How does the game calculate Hands data?
If your Ball Handle is 87, then the attribute of Hands will also be 87. This is not a conclusion drawn by accident but obtained after testing many players. The value of Hands is always consistent with Ball Handle.

Hands attribute data test.
Some players claim that setting the hands attribute to 25 does not have any effect on the ability to catch the ball. Is this true?

Through multiple passing tests, we found that if Hands is 99, in most cases, it will cleanly catch the ball passed by teammates. Regardless of the quality of the opponent’s pass, 99 Hands can avoid mistakes. Only do something about some poor passes when dropping Hands down to 25. After the test of catching the ball, we did two more tests, namely the dribbling speed test after catching the ball and the shooting reaction test after catching the ball.

Through this set of tests, we can find that no matter what the value of Hands is, after receiving the ball, it will not make you faster in the next dribble.

This set of tests tells us that after receiving the ball, 99 Hands will make your transition from catching to launching faster.

How to improve the Hands attribute
To increase the Hands attribute, players need to do it in-game. Players can complete daily challenges and seasonal challenges. After completing the challenges, they will be rewarded, including 2K23 VC and NBA 2K23 MT. You can use these rewards to improve the Hands attribute.

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