Diablo 4: Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients Legendary and Gems Build

The main feature of the build is the walking arsenal key passive, which motivates you to swap Diablo 4 Weapons while attacking enemies constantly. In the previous article, I introduced the collocation of building skills in detail. This article will mainly introduce the use of Legendary items.

Key legendary aspects
Edge Master’s Aspect: This aspect increases the damage of all your skills by a percentage based on your available Fury when you cast them.

Aspect of Retribution: This aspect proportionally increases your damage against stunned enemies.

Aspect of Ancestral Force: This provides a big AOE to your Hammer of the Ancients, not only dealing damage but applying all damage effects like the stun as well.

Earth Striker’s Aspect: This aspect makes it so that you guarantee an overpower attack with increased damage with any of your skills after swapping weapons 10 times.

Aspect of the Iron Warrior: This will be your Unstoppable mechanic, so make sure to get it as soon as possible. It’ll give you increased damage reduction while Iron Skin is active.

Equipment and Paragon Set Up
For equipment, you want to look for gear that increases your maximum Fury, ranks to Death Blow, Hammer of the Ancients, and passives, damage to skills that swap to new weapons, damage with two-handed slashing weapons, two-handed bludgeon weapons, damage to stunned enemies, and core skill damage, among others. Also, you want damage reduction from close enemies, maximum life, and anything that gives you damage reduction on the defensive side.

For gems on your weapon, you want emeralds to increase your vulnerable damage or slot diamonds to increase your ultimate damage, depending on how you like to play. On Armor, you want rubies to boost your maximum life; on jewelry, you should try and compensate for any resistance you lack. It should be noted that when adding or removing gems, Buy D4 Gold is required.

When it comes to the Paragon system, you should slot the Mortal Draw glyph into the socket, which increases skill damage when you swap weapons for each point of dexterity within range. Once you reach the top, you’ll have to decide what Paragon board to go for, and the Bone Breaker board is recommended.

This build is easy to play but difficult to master. You’ll want to learn how many skill activations are required to trigger your weapon Mastery combo as well as your overpower combo to use them in the precise moments and situations as needed. Don’t be shy about using Iron Maelstrom, as you’ll quickly regain access to it thanks to its cooldown reduction mechanics. Lastly, keep an eye on your buff bar above your skills; this will let you know when your weapon Mastery damage and overpower combo are available.

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