COD MW3 zombie mode in-depth exploration of new content

Like the previous version, MW3 continues to use the zombie mode. Still, it makes some gameplay adjustments on the original basis, adds many PVE maps, introduces a stronghold progression system, puts special zombies and MW3 boosting, etc. This change brings an exciting new experience to players.

Camps, Fortresses and Strongholds

The game introduces a progression system through camps, strongholds, and fortresses. Players start in camp and, upon completion, receive a keycard into the fortress. After clearing the fortress, you can enter the fortress, and players will face a powerful artificial intelligence boss. There are three bosses. They are Chemist, Master, and Rainmaker, each with unique weapons and abilities.

Special zombies and boss zombies

In addition to the bosses mentioned above, players will encounter special zombies such as Mimics, Disciples, Rift Sellers, and Saboteurs, as well as new variants of the Abomination called Super Abominations. There’s also a secret giant worm boss, a monster so powerful that you can’t defeat it with firepower.

Data miners across the web have found the worm’s name, Gorm’Gant, but the trophy is different as its actual name is Orcus. You will see a giant worm, and the trophy shows a worm-like creature. Gorm’Gant is some prefix or suffix to a name or enemy type. Or just two versions of Boss 1 related to Easter eggs and another version related to the open world, like Cold War with Orda, which would look different and interesting.

Points of interest and rewards

The game features multiple points of interest, such as Ean Nests, which require wearing a gas mask to enter and clearing spores to access treasure chests. Buying stations scattered across the map allow players to buy and sell items, while side objectives such as purple orbs provide additional points.

Benefits and field upgrades

MW3 Zombies mode brings back many Cold War-era perks but with a few twists. Notable changes include an upgraded Tombstone Soda perk that allows players to reclaim their gear during the next game and slight changes to quick resurrection. Field upgrades like Healing Aura and Lightning Link are vital, while Ring of Fire and Toxic Growth need to be noticed.

Wonder Weapons and Procurement

The game introduces three Wonder Weapons: the Raygun, the Wonderwaffe DG-2, and the newly added Scorcher. Players can extract these weapons through the acquisition system to bring them to subsequent matches. The system also includes perks, spare ammo types, and other bonuses.

Weapon Camo Grinds and Achievements

Players can hone mastery of camouflage in zombie mode, greatly reducing the waiting time in the MW3 lobby. At least four camouflages have been confirmed so far. The game also releases various achievements, from successfully recharging to defeating bosses and completing story missions.

Logically, mastering camo should be things like kills, headshots, pap kills, and boss kills, but there may be other challenges, as challenges like MW2 Gold, Plat, and Poly don’t work in Zombies mode.

MW3 Zombies mode provides a rich and immersive experience through its progression system, various enemies, rewards, and customization options. Whether you are fighting in the camp or taking on the boss, you will experience an unprecedented combat experience.

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