Diablo 4: The Helltides Explained

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What are Helltides in Diablo 4?

Essentially, Helltides refer to an in-game event that blankets a particular region of Sanctuary under a strong demonic influence. Within these areas, the remnants of Lilith’s forces rise up and are more dangerous than before, transforming the environment into something more sinister.

Helltides last around one hour and occur randomly in the open world of any world tier (1-4) difficulty! Furthermore, there will be a 5-minute gap between each active Helltide. You can tell if a region is under a Helltide by looking at the map or the sky. A Helltide icon will appear on the map, as well as parts of the map being covered in red color, and the sky will have a reddish hue. Furthermore, you will see different icons for Helltide Chests on the map. One for jewelry, armor, and weapons, as well as one for mystery or living steel chests.

How to Participate in Helltides in Diablo 4?

Helltides are available to players starting at World Tier 1. Once you arrive in Kyovashad, you will be able to access a quest that will unlock Helltides. Remember to use Waypoints to travel between regions that are under a Helltide! After completing the introduction quest, you can explore any region in the open world and look for an active Helltide. Additionally, Helltides can either be completed solo or with other players.

How To Complete The Helltides Perfect In Diablo 4?

In this section, we will unveil our expert strategies and insider knowledge to enhance your efficiency and speed in acquiring rewards during Helltide events in Diablo 4:

  • Keep an eye on the event timer and start farming as soon as the Helltide event begins
  • Plan a strategic farming route that allows you to cover a large area and encounter as many powerful enemies as possible.
  • Prioritize killing elites and bosses. They drop more Aberrant Cinders.
  • Group up with other players. Cooperative gameplay increases your efficiency through Helltide.
  • Prioritize opening Helltide Chests that require a higher number of Cinders, as they typically offer better quality rewards. Open Tortured Gifts of Mysteries when you find them.
  • Utilize skills or abilities that grant increased movement speed or mobility, allowing you to swiftly traverse the Helltide zones and cover more ground.
  • Focus on AoE skills to efficiently dispatch groups of enemies, enabling you to clear areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Complete all the Local Events that show up in the Helltide area.

What Rewards Will The Helltides Offer In Diablo 4?

With great risks come great rewards, and for Diablo 4’s Helltides, it is not just the XP from slaying a bunch of demons and monsters. Every defeated opponent has the chance to drop Aberrant Cinders, a new type of currency that is used for a specific purpose.

Within each Helltide region will also pop up Tortured Gifts, which are chests that contain loot for a specific item slot. They will appear on the map, and depending on the type of item slot players are looking to fill, they will require a different number of Aberrant Cinders in order to be opened. A Tortured Gift of Chest Armor might require 75 Cinders, whereas another chest for a new weapon might cost upwards of 250 Cinders.

Certain crafting materials, such as the Fiend Rose, can also only be found in areas affected by the Helltide. It is certainly beneficial for players to exploit Helltides whenever they occur in Diablo 4, especially if they seek an improvement for a particular gear slot. Opening Tortured Gifts always has a chance for powerful Uniques and Legendaries to drop, not to mention Sacred and even Ancestral gear for those lucky enough.

In addition, Season 4: Loot Reborn added an additional item that makes leveling through Helltides even better! As you defeat Hellborne enemies during a Helltide, you may drop an item called Profane Mindcage. Using this item will increase the level of Helltide Monsters by 10 and boost your Aberrant Cinder drop rate.

We hope this guide helped you understand what Helltides are, and how to make the most of them in Diablo 4. Good luck, and good loot!