Introduction on the exciting Player Killing

Another prime example is construction, of the more recent of skill releases. As you level this skill, you are soon allowed to purchase your own home within the Runescape world at any number of towns or locations. Players who are more learned, and practiced in the skill, can unlock the ability to build their home in more experienced and convenient areas. In one’s house, you can have any number of rooms for all kinds of purposes. A few for example, are a treasure room, a portal room, a study, a boxing arena, a dueling arena, and even your own player dungeon where you can store some of the intensely powerful beasts you’ve come across in your travels, as well as hide traps, puzzles, and rewards for other players to collect.
The skills from the user interface. You will soon learn every one! PK’ing (also knowing as “Player Killing”) is probably one of the most exciting things you can do while playing Runescape. Contrary to the belief that all you need to do is “point, click, and wait” you need to be quite attentive during a PK session. Because of the different aspects of stat boosting, equipment, combat level, and combat style it can come down to being so evenly matched, or so outmatched, that a single second, a single decision, can change the outcome of an entire battle spanning hundreds of players. Making Runescape the game that no one player can truly master.
Different from most MMORPG’s during a PVP game, you actually kill your opponent and depending on the rules of the area where you are, you may keep all of your enemy’s equipment, or none of it. Regardless, your enemy bows before you in their death before being transported to Lumbridge (the graveyard town). Because of this, PK’ing is a main income/profession of players. A large amount of strategy during player killing is required because of certain things, hot spots, magers and archers, powerful melee opponents, and of course clan battles. During such events, a player can choose to run to a safe area or deeper into obstacles and other buildings to deter your chaser.