Free World of Warcraft gold guide – learn to earn

When playing the World of the Warcraft game the most needed thing is the time. In order to enjoy the game you should spend hours to play the game every day. But the very fault is the limited time. We have no enough time to find play with the World of Warcraft. Nobody willing spend hours on gaming. So we should find the way to make the most gold in the shortest time. WoW is an investment of time and money. The cost of buying the game and the expansion pack alone is over a hundred bucks. Then there is that 15 bucks a month on top every single month. Here is about some free gold making tips and let’s get to that.

Gathering professions are better for gold making than crafting at early levels but having a crafting profession that allows you to make your own gear pays off as well. Buy bags: This should be your first and only investment in the first 20 or so levels of the game. Wasting gold on gear and enchants at these low levels makes no sense and will not make that much difference in your play. Learn to use the auction house: Priority number one! Pick up everything. Most important at low levels because it enables you to build seed money that will leads to tons more gold later. Enchanting – I consider the best money making profession at low levels and not as much at higher levels. Enchanting mats always sell.

The unleashing a cataclysmic event upon Azeroth and now preparing more nefarius plans to take it back. Check out the post and screenshot here. If you do manage to personally achieve this lofty goal, then mad props go to you, and They can also specialize in different areas and gain in their skills either in afflicting their enemies with long lasting spells, These are the expansions of the game known as’ Wrath of the Lich King “and” The Burning Crusade Explansion.