The guide primarily designed to help increase gold collections

The Diablo 3 Billionaire guide is an exciting new product, launched on the 28th of June by fellow gamer Daniel Chan. The idea of a guide for gold is nothing new when so many other creators offer their two cents on the subject and with all guides it is always worth learning more about them before you buy. With this in mind, here is an overview of Diablo 3 Billionaire to help you understand more about its aims, structure and creator. The name “Billionaire” really does say it all, Chan is not being subtle with his promises or shy about his skills. The guide is primarily designed to help significantly increase our gold collections and earn wisely.

As with many gold related guides the focus is once again placed on a strategy that is effective and time-efficient. The main difference is that while others will focus on just mastering the Auction House or building up a balance into the thousands this guide is using an alternative, economic approach that will see you earning significantly more than your friends millions more. Is this just another in a long line of gold guides or are there other benefits? To get a better understanding of what is on offer with the Diablo 3 Billionaire guide let’s take a closer look at the structure of the product and the benefits provided. There are six separate modules packed with crucial information.”1-60 Gold Making Blueprint”, a comprehensive walkthrough of all the possible money-making opportunities rather than a single, set strategy.”

Auction House Domination”, the auction house may not be a single focus but it is still given due attention.” Diablo 3 Basics”, one of the selling points of this guide is that “anyone” can use these methods. This is not just a sales pitch because the package includes a beginner’s guide that teaches newbies the basics before they roam free in the auction houses or attempt quests.” Legendary Items Blueprint”, this not only teaches you where and how to find them but highlights their profitability for a more strategic approach.” Smart Grinding Guide”, grinding is not ignored, it is addressed in a way that makes it more effective.”