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This lure is pretty outdated, but there are still lurers out there which do this lure. A player will find a player with lots of expensive items on it, such as Abyssal Whip, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Boots etc. He will then ask the victim if he/she can buy one of the player’s items for 3x the price. The victim will almost every time answer “Yes”. The player will then take the victim to Port Sarim, give him 30gp and tell him to meet him at Karamja. (The fee to travel there costs 30gp, and also earns the victim trust). At Karamja, the player will take the victim to the tribesmen south of Brimhaven. The player will then attack one of the tribesmen and shout “Help!” while standing there passive. The victim will then attack the tribesman, which will retaliate and attack the victim.

The tribesmen’s spears are poisonous, so the victim will get poisoned. The player will then take the victim a bit south of the tribesmen, and trade the victim. Since the victim is poisoned, the trade will get cancelled almost every time the player and the victim trade, since the poison hits disrupt the trade. When the victim gets low HP, he/she will often panic and try to teleport away with Home Teleport, however the player will say “Here, food and anti poison”. The player will then trade the victim, disrupting his/her teleport and put some food and anti poison in trade window, The player and victim will accept till the 2nd window, where the trade gets disrupted again since of the poison hits. The player will repeat that till the victim finally dies by the poison.

There will then spawn a gravestone, and the victim will try to run back, but the player will tell them “I’ll get your stuff, meet me at Grand Exchange, there I’ll also give you the money. The victim will then run to G.E waiting, but the lurer will wait till the gravestone collapses, and then loot the items. We advise you to purchase Runescape gold from online site rather than personal account. Our website offers cheap, fast and safe RuneScape gold as well as RuneScape Powerleveling, check on our website, you can also get RuneScape skills, RuneScape guides.