Three dwarves clans—lived united in Iron forge

When freak natural disasters began rocking much of Azeroth just prior to the Cataclysm, the dwarves lands were not spared from the calamitous upheavals. A series of violent quakes tore through areas surrounding Iron forge, reducing settlements to rubble and taking the lives of many innocent dwarves in the process. To glean answers as to the troubling state of the world, King Magni selflessly underwent a mystic ritual to commune with the earth. The archaic ceremony, however, had an unexpected effect: Magni was transformed into diamond and became fused to the depths of Iron forge itself.

For many long centuries, three dwarves clans—the Bronze beards, the Wild hammers, and the Dark Irons lived united in Iron forge under the wise rule of High King Modimus Anvilmar. When Modimus passed away from old age, tensions boiled over among the clans, and war erupted for control of the city. Thus began the War of the Three Hammers, a savage conflict that raged for many years, during which time the Bronze beard clan won sole ownership of Iron forge and expelled its rivals. The war severed relations among the clans, and they went on to forge new destinies apart from one another.

Start Location: Dun Morogh Encircled by jagged mountain peaks, the snowy region of Dun Morogh has been the cultural heart of Iron forge’s dwarves for ages. Not long ago, quakes roused numerous troggs from their subterranean dwellings and drove the bestial creatures toward the dwarves settlement of Anvilmar inColdridgeValley. The sudden influx of troggs also caused the savage Frost mane trolls to abandon their usual holdings on Shimmer Ridge and encroach upon dwarf-occupied areas. Threatened on two fronts, Dun Morogh’s mountaineers are spread thin. Without additional assistance, the prized lands of Dun Morogh might soon fall to the dwarves’ barbarous foes. Experienced players before the transfer of accounts will have all his accounts of ‘family property to shift focus of roles. If you have friends or relatives, then also by the last tens of thousands of wow gold, then you can become a pilot service and have a good ranking now.