As one of the tribes, in fact we are in this picture is better than LM the dominant, maybe many people don’t understand the dominant is?
That now let’s analyze this figure, the figure of dozen are generally 1 2 7 is a guard point 2 stole seven points to press a little, or just 1 9 a guard point, 9 1 point, of course, there will be 1 style of play is a keep an intermediate pressure when the 110 eight points. There are other style such as 1, 4, 5…
Play a lot, and I also can’t one by one, only to the point:
Don’t ignore the small mountain road, the road is the place where I said advantage tribal alliance, because if we take the pressure of the MF tactics, tribal command can let people walk on this side of the mountain road and yourself walk the road point clear LM to MF a few people, thus to know LM tactics. (10 addition and subtraction, if is not good, I also have nothing to say) that you can plan the corresponding tactics. And grasp the battle!
This figure, I just want to say, any command, please don’t want to keep 2 PM train of thought, but this line of thinking in the low score intervals can be accounted for of the command, and I want to tell you is 2 points is not the best tactics.
If LM took the lighthouse and MF after two points, many command of tactics is to arrange each point two, and then six on call in the middle
Actually this tactic has a big loophole, and every time I see such tactics are basically the winner-take-all, my style is, home leave a YD, all others after his resurrection, brush good BUFF, directly impact the middle six dozen 110,
Because every arrangement is usually a treatment at this time, read a DPS, five the DPS to do a treatment between 110, 9 6, so they also only a milk, skill full open will soon be able to eat the wave,
Eat after the wave, the other party if it is left a thief a resurrection in MF ice road hog a MS when others call directly lighthouse, can literally % 100 beacon was scored…
Play this game, many command after each other with two points, a large force is the pressure of the tactics, and then in 2 to 3 people stole another point, such tactics can sometimes succeed, but most of the time estimates are big troops were sent back, steal point not to steal, and then all the lighthouse after back, for example, resurrection blunt MF, MF was sent back home, resurrection blunt DT… This play obviously didn’t have any effect, because of you it is because the DPS not just by their positive take away a little, now you and distract myself, this is not to eat! So this time you don’t impatient command, careful analysis off the factors before you make a decision.
If the field initially took two points? That you have to believe that the other side of the DPS is clearly of your team, so you have to play the advantages of their own side, my tactics is: if I had 2 points; LR, YD, at 2 o ‘clock and a milk, others raised directly impact each other finally, home treatment depends on support at any time, this situation is to look at each other’s stealth career have kept some at home, if in the 2 points we must be safe, if you don’t have to see in it or buyers.
And this time, because the other lost just a little, and we have big team to them, finally, they have only to do his duty, but even ten dozen 8 (they thief at home, our home milk immediately) is definitely not for can will kill us, certainly is a stalemate, and we have 2 points in hand, dragging the longer, the better for us.
It doesn’t the tactics of the field, just remember always grasp the other, the number of changes to arrange relevant personnel to take off the war can!
But as a treatment, in fact I feel we are a better perspective of DPS command, we can better grasp the rhythm of the battle, so as to arrange relevant personnel of any skills, group of soldiers heart fear priest accused of DZ group QS rings like Cain, various skills to use in some of the group can do wonders.
Also said that if it is in MF became a stalemate, and the other is not put fire on the treatment, we can find a LR BB, SS BB, DK blood worms, such as something like knocking on the hammer to increase battery life.
Also emphasize: actually positive DPS to neutralize or not forever is the core of a battle, the tactics are just strong miss! There is no corresponding execution, god the same tactics will be settled slag for you!