Warsong and twin peaks

This two chart is very similar are three flags, map is probably similar, so I put these two diagrams together said.
This two photo all have one thing in common: a can be a good start to a 50% winning or losing, we play the two diagrams are commonly 1 August 1 is a guard house eight dozen 1 to take flag, 9 or 9 1 is playing in midfield, one to pick up the flag, or is two to eight 2 take the eight flag in midfield, a lot of command have a common understanding, that’s midfield is very important, must to be taken, that how to play the start?
I recommend is September 1 as long as feral druids to pick up the flag, but by the flag after room. Don’t first, should by the first command carefully see clear each other the ensigns of career have a midfield play melee, if any, are running wild, and to arrange relevant personnel to take off the war, of if the flag is wild, take out, midfielder to hold them all as much as possible. If it is a battle hymn we are a big forces tribe, I want go to eat wild on the right side of the house and then try to rush a wave, can see the DPS positive pressure, the pressure can after send them back to the graveyard, then a thief hunting ranch war to DaQi, and go with group.
If twin peaks is now most of the play is the middle of the direct stone, but I think no need to talk to them in the middle above the stone bridge, I almost every time is let everyone rushed across the river, to the LM house that eating frenzy that position.
Because this point our cemetery at the back, in as soon as you can pick up back to the druids, so this place is that it makes more sense than the middle bridge, more important is easy to put away this place. The two figure probably doesn’t really do much to say and actually tactics, but personally, I think can is divided into a sense of command, if you ask me what it is a kind of feeling, I’ll tell you, in my heart I have put the 2 figure as three paragraphs to play, a cluster, flag, DaQi.
Don’t look down upon this at 3 o ‘clock, what time to take off the war DaQi is very test a command of the experience, you can’t just four of the five others you must have a team in the 10 5, so the command will grasp the rhythm of a whole.
To make them follow your rhythm and disturb their team, and I do not recommend commonly midfielder pressure had went to the graveyard, because unless the special water team met that kind of team you don’t have to pressure) (as long as a little bit strong team, you’re likely to pressure the graveyard, you can crash, we are dead a man running resurrection to half a day, whereas their dead can run resin directly raised, this is completely not comparable.
Generally after the midfielder put away each other, I was recommended to the house that, if you want to come back after he was raised to protect the flag, or go to my home DaQi can direct interception.
In general, the two diagrams are for DPS, so these two figure is generally suitable for knife team, here I recommend some alternative way,
Warsong except small DE all the monk, the game is actually a wave pressure them, because if we don’t usually go out they will think we are slackers, come straight to treat STH lightly DaQi, at that time we kill a few waves pushed down into the room, set a flag advantage…
, another card on that take the door of the house in the home, this shot also only warsong right, that is to say the warsong that figure, both LM and BL in the roof are actually can jump over it from the side slope, and then the road can only let a person through the…
The game just tell everyone to play casually, not any real tactics. Because the two figure can be said to be not what tactics, but see DaQi DPS and head of control and home delivery flag, as to the time words can only their experience, because each team’s situation is different…
Also recommend two opportunistic tactics: druid in acceleration, home leave 2 people (consciousness, good kind, can guarantee a wave lu die druid) while we rest 7 intermediate stop direct blunt past, purpose is to hold off the enemy three treatment, don’t allow to pick wild, but we in special cases only one person to go home as soon as possible (this is test, consciousness, but I believe that there is no a DPS can keep wild DE) but as a command, we should pay attention to is the druid isn’t flag into the room to clear their field to a few people, so as to arrange someone speed to meet! This tactic is the purpose of the meal to cut off the opportunity of a return for the advantage of our flag!
In addition the two fields, please pay attention to some details:
Card is the resurrection time: in the us and beat each other in midfield after the crash, can selectively leave two or three people not to kill, and then beat them CanXie, such as the other dead in the graves after his resurrection, quick break this hold for two to three killed, caused to the other person is not the whole, this is typically used for our going to DaQi prelude to!
Room card soul resurrection: if we in each other’s flag DaQi meal instead of laying out, please a milk as soon as possible to take off the war D stealth to hide in a corner, waiting for the other people to play our flag, ND should find hidden corner reading a resurrection of the DPS to lu! Usually can cause effect remarkably expect them to.
About these two maps first said to here, but in the end be warned: the two maps is actually open fire and assisted problem, as a command and treatment, you should consider is how to tear down the other side of the assisted, how to use any skills ensure the safety of the blood line was.
About the two fields, NQ specific what to do, I seemed to forgot to say…
1. The hand leave skills to protect our important person!
The meaning of this sentence 2 protection and sacrifice without cooling good, make sure keep a skills to deal with emergency, such as DZ each other open group of implicit lu DE directly, then the hand of a sacrifice may save a little life!
2. Help control field to control people.
That, indeed, might be a little around sanctions is good with you, confession. Control of the enemy ((out of))! Confession is just wake up you can’t afford to hurt..