Mobile fighting nurse can add can resistance can play

First show, the most let me happy is a flash of light, under the battle fatigue, crit is 100000, if triggered increases the power accessories, or double act the role ofing is tasted, can crit to 12-140000, with outbreaks of cases, with combat fatigue and crit, 180000, 3 floors and others, the crit is divine.
Flag a lot these days, probably more than 300. Against each professional feelings.
Warrior: 5.1 is held down by soldiers, and 5.2, pressurised warrior is retribution, don’t need to open, just need to set aside a full outbreak of protection or invincible against the warriors, you can easily win.
DK: ice DK didn’t words, single vocational P is weak. And it is worth mentioning that 5.2 is great evil DK, BUFF single disciplinary P was suppressed, while fighting cycle is long, but in the end lose must be evil DK. And 2600 base friend PK7 arena, he lost all.
Hunter: due to the increase in milk production, and exorcism, can trigger a 10% damage reduction against retribution to world war I and the hunter. Winning percentage is relatively low, of course, I and three different hunter pancratium was 15 times, the 6 set victory.
Shaman: BLZ as the most don’t like the professional, you are free to oppress him.
Thief: the outbreak of the thieves was simply divine, you if not good give him invincible or badge, you will die in 5 seconds. And, of course, it is worth mentioning that my odds and human thief pancratium is 7, but the night thieves, 0 wins.
Druid: as the flag of BT 5.1 career, D. 5.2 are cut down, BUFF the injury and treatment, punishment rather than against, has become a protracted war, but wild D milk supply is obvious than punishment, so despite high attack, finally will also lose.
Monk, monks in 5.2 BUFF far from others imagined, it is worth mentioning is the monk’s attack has been weakened. And monks to play not much suspense, is agile in solution a sanctions more wine. Play with your heart won’t fail unless equipped suppressed.
Priest: sp 5.2 weakened greatly, in the case of other hybrid occupational therapy BUFF, he reduced instead, BUFF the injury, but are cut down, cut down the fade of 3 seconds remote invincible. Sp 5.2 status is not optimistic, so to speak, and sp, easy. Win more than eight.
Warlock: 5.2 warlock still is very terrorist career, demonic sacrifice is cut down, a lot of destruction warlock chose with pet, the outbreak is reduced, but increased control; Then evil warlock attack is reached the point of an abnormal condition, can just seconds, leather too thick. Rally to the conclusion that if you are normal, up to 2. Instead if you 40 yards infinite kite, victory is very high.
Mage: 5.2 mage is better than single P 5.1, h. were cut, frostbolt damage has increased, but the skill itself damage is very low. The mage to a multiplayer match – the winning percentage from 0 to 4, so to speak, of course the process very nervous, need you to use their skills as well.
In a massive melee LeiWang island (yes, LeiWang island is very small, there are too many people.) Retribution is very brilliant, mainly comes from the secondary damage and recover well + auxiliary, is mobile fighting wet nurse.
Then 5.2 400 strength, toughness, 400 50% to disarm the enchant need team rating of 2200 + 2200 to buy.
Conquest of 5000 the total cap, the cap you will not be able to conquer.