Guild Wars 2 Flipping Guides

Guide Voting “officially” closed!

Last week we asked the Black Lions Profit community to vote in a poll deciding on what gold making guide they would like to see next. I am happy to announce that the voting is now officially closed and that with an amazing 190 votes there was a lot of competition!
With 32% of the votes, Flipping won in the end and I began work on the guide compiling my notes, drafting up rough copies and eventually fine tuning everything to perfection. The work went so well that I ended up with over 3000 characters of text and formatting!
I then had to split the guide into more manageable sections, creating three new guides covering nearly every aspect of flipping in Guild Wars 2!
Flipping Guide’s

I have spent a lot of work writing these guides with hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears going into each one. (well, it wasn’t my blood or tears but that’s irrelevant.) Simply click on each image below to view the guides.