Gold Guide Update – Salvaging for Profit

The mystic salvage kit allows players to save room in their inventory by providing 250 uses for a single kit. It is crafted using the Mystic Forge located in the Lion’s Arch Mystic Plaza or within the Heart of the Mists. The Crafting recipes requires three salvage kits, coming to a total of 26 silver and 24 copper and 3 Mystic Forge Stones which can be purchased from the Black Lions Gem Store for either 250 gems for 5 or 450 gems for 10. Basically, If a gem costs more than 28 copper(2g 83s 2c per 100 gems) then you should use master salvage kits instead.
Black Lion Salvage Kit
The Black Lion Salvage Kit is great for salvaging high level armours and weapons for ectoplasm. I am not suggesting that you spend money buying these from the Trading Post as that would be counter productive. You do however have the oppertunity of receiving these salvage kits from reward chests, daily achievements and completing quest’s in your personal story line!

I will admit that I do not do a lot of ectoplasm salvaging, preferring to stick to my niche markets where there is a lot less competition and much more guaranteed profit. However, I have provided a brilliant video below showing you one of the methods you can use to make profit from ectoplasm!