Introduction to the Trading Post added!

“The Black Lion Trading Post is the hub of Tyria’s entire economy, thousands of gold passes through the doors every day. It is also the place where you will be spending the majority of your time if you are following this guide to make gold in Guild Wars 2. The Trading Post is far from perfect, but without it we would be reduced to standing around on street corners flogging our good’s to the unwashed masses. (no.. seriously, when was the last time your character washed in Guild Wars 2?)
Accessing the Trading post is very easy, you can either hit “O” on your keyboard or pay a visit to one of the many Black Lion Trader’s scattered across the Town, Cities & villages of Tyria. Once open, you will see the initial landing page (pictured below) displaying some very useful information regarding the top traded,supplied, demanded & valued items in Guild Wars 2.”

I have recently added the “An Introduction to the Trading Post” guide to the Black Lions Profit Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide. Whist this guide covers the bare necessities of using the gw2 trading post, there is also some brief summaries of advanced techniques which can use to dominate the market battlefield. (these will be covered in more detail later.) Check back later this week for the next addition to the guide, “Salvaging for profit in Guild Wars 2“.