PvP: 8-Team Tournaments Disabled

If you’re a fan of sPvP, you might have noticed a slight change yesterday. Tyler Bearce has announced that they have disabled 8-team tournaments in favor of the 2-team tournaments:

Our 2-Team Tournaments have been growing in popularity since they were introduced, however very few players are queuing up for the 8-Team Tournament format anymore, due to that. This often means that players can queue up for hours, without an 8-Team Tournament ever kicking off. This is not a good experience, so we’ve decided to disable them. While we may bring back multi-round PvP tournaments in the future, for now we will be discontinuing the 8-Team, 3-Round Tournament format.
a few months ago I was doing plenty of the 8 team tournaments. Really enjoyed them! However, I decided to go for a legendary weapon, and that’s taken most of my play time. too bad they didn’t survive. So what, with these 2 team tournie’s… it’s always the same map or what?
I feel like the whole thing just snowballed. In the beginning you could still enter the tournaments, after a while I tried several times to queue for 8 team tournaments only to give up and queue for 2 team, eventually I just gave up ever queueing again for 8 team.

They should randomize the maps or take less days to rotate though now with only 2 team tournaments.
Not impressed. Fix it, don’t remove it. If people are to play 3 round, they need a better incentive, because as it stands, playing 3 rounds of 1 round tournaments is exactly the same, if not better rewards.

Also, how on earth do we get free tokens now?
Yawn…sPvP is still an epic waste of time with an uninspiring and frivolous reward system. Wanna increase interest in the standard 8 team 3 round tourny? Make the game team death match with an observer mode, the winner of which gains guild commendations if more than 50% of the team is from a single guild. I’d bet you ANet’s quarterly earnings there’d never be an f’n wait time in sPvP 8 team ever again…but I suppose you need to turn off a ruptured sewer line spewing feces all over the street before you can put a team to work on fixing it.