An Elite Skill in Guild Wars 2

This was one more skill for removing symptoms of monk, and it was similar to the rejuvenation and illnesses tactics of the first chapter, the rejuvenation had a cooling time for 5 seconds, it was too long, and though the cooling time of illnesses tactics was two seconds, it could be only used for mates, and the user could not use it for himself. So the Rehabilitation was the most useful, which was also used widely.
In fact, the Rehabilitation still had another advantage, and it was the function of healing and getting the Guild Wars 2 gold.
The condition of the healing for Rehabilitation was that the goal should have buff spell, which was not relevant with whether removing the disease, even if the mate healed had no disease, but as long as he had buff spell, he could be added blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
The monk of Khulna added blood for himself by the Rehabilitation continuously, and then it was difficult to go on the war. At this moment, the two warriors of Khulna began to notice Sparta, because he was singing all the time, and it was obvious that the song was inspirational.
Now Hadley was not controlled, and then she began to get ready for killing the healer of Khulna.
She used her old skills to hit the monk of Khulna, and then the monk lost half blood and much Guild Wars 2 gold soon. But Hadley did not stop, she hit the monk heavily again, even if the monk did not die, he was also going to die.
But suddenly the monk of Khulna had more blood again, so the Winter Plunder of Hadley was not successful, because there was no the condition for the Winter Plunder, and there was only 17 point of extra damage.
Hadley thought that it was impossible, she did not know what happened, and why her Winter Plunder failed just now, even if the monk of Khulna could heal himself, but it was impossible to recover so much blood, he also could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
Of course, Hadley did not know that there was an elite skill of healing department on the Tyria Continent, and the Healing Word was a skill which provided many healings. But it was obvious that the monk of Khulna did not use this skill, and what he used was another elite skill.
It was the Ardor, it was an elite skill, its profession was monk, and its type was protection prayer, its attribute was mantra.