The Sexy King of Khulna

“He is the new member of Spear of Sun, it is good, and he looks very strong, he should have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” Morgan said, and he wore the clothes as usual, it was the golden armor, and there were many tattoos on his face.
Morgan took a shield in one of his hand and a spear in the other hand, so it seemed that he should be an oracle. Sparta thought it would be great if he could be so great in future.
“I think I have other important thing to do, I am very busy, so I have to leave, Morgan.” Ossa said to Morgan.
After a while, Ossa walked to the horoscope with her heavy scythe and Guild Wars 2 gold. She should be a god caller from her weapon.
As a commander in chief of war, that was the highest leader of Khulna, Ossa wore the army uniform all the time. Though there were many golden and purple patterns on this robe for god caller, and the neckline upturned, which covered the head of Ossa as a sun. But it was chaster than the clothes of Qaysan’s king.
Ossa disappeared, but Sparta was still looking at her.
“Sparta, what are you looking at?” Hadley said to Sparta.
Hadley thought that Sparta was a satyr, so she pinched him heavily, and she wanted him to wake up.
“Oh my god, I am hurt! I am not looking at anyone; I only want to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” Sparta said, but he began to look at the body of Hadley again.
“What are you doing?” Hadley found that he was looking at her chest, so her face turned to be red, and then she said angrily: “Do you want to die?” After Hadley said this, she began to hit Sparta with her scythe.
“Don’t hit me, I will be hurt!” Sparta said, and it was lucky that Rancor stopped her in time.
“Well, I will not hit him, but he should be more careful in future, or else I will get his Guild Wars 2 gold away.” Hadley said.
“Yes, I know, beautiful girl, I will be more careful.” Sparta said, and then he found that Hadley’s eyes were very big, and she was so lovely.
“Well, now let’s go to fight with the soldiers of Khulna!” Sparta said, since he got ready for the war, so he was not afraid, and he wanted to fight with the soldiers of Ossa now.
There were also four persons in the group of the enemies, and they were two warriors, a monk and a freelancer.