The Leader of Khulna in Guild Wars 2

General Morgan had high prestige and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold among the soldiers, and he was loved by the soldiers of Khulna. If he wanted to be the king, he could take his army to get the political power, but he did not do it, because he was a good man, and he did not have so much ambition. He got the prestige because of his kindheartedness.
In fact, Morgan came to Istanbul to investigate the case of the pirate’s surprise attack, and he did not think that he would see the new members of Spear of Sun. The village was surrounded fully by the pirates, which never happened before.
It was peaceful for decades, and even people did not see the brigands for many times. The army could only kill some terrible monsters with simple skills and some Guild Wars 2 gold.
There were so many pirates this time, and they killed people, so people on the whole continent were shocked, and they were also very surprised that some new members of the guild destroyed the two ships of the pirates. These new members even destroyed the five nests of the hawk women.
The actions of these people attached attention of Khulna government.
The Spear of Sun protected Istanbul, and the Khulna government did not oppose the action of the guild in Istanbul, because everyone knew that the world of Guild Wars 2 was the world of guilds, so no country could stop the development of the guilds, and maybe some countries would need the guild to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
But Khulna thought that Spear of Sun was only a small guild, so they equaled to the local police, and only their army of Khulna could represent the government. Now the Spear of Sun became stronger and stronger, it was not a good situation, maybe they wanted to get the political power.
The power of the guild was stronger than the one of government army, and the leader of the guild had bigger right than the king, it was common in Guild Wars 2, and it did not need to be so strange. But the leader of Khulna was not a cowardly king, on the contrary, the king was a doughty woman, who also had much Guild Wars 2 gold, and she was as clever as Coil.
Her name was Ossa, and she was the descendant of Trellis, who was the founder of the old Iona Empire. Khulna was such a country, they got ready for the war at any time, and each person of this country knew how to use the weapon.