The Dawn Pit in Guild Wars 2

The mandrakes were the monsters that came out of the ground, at first, people were scared, but after the fighting, they found that the monsters were not powerful, and they did not have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
Sparta used the old skills, they were the Flame Hymn, Signet of Aggression, Lightning Spear and Spear of Thorns, and then they killed one mandrake. After they threw out some spears, they killed another monster. The mandrakes dropped many big pieces of root, and Sparta did not know what they could be used for.
Sparta got into the pit with full bag, and then he found the person Coil told him, he was Bernard. He was an old man, and his eyes were very small, Sparta even doubted that whether he was a human being, maybe he was a goblin, it was said that the goblin was good at digging.
“Did Coil call you to come? It is great!” Bernard said, and it seemed that he was very happy to see Sparta, and as if he got much Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Do you know the meaning of the name for this pit?” Bernard asked, and the name of this pit was Dawn Pit.
Sparta did not know how to answer, and then he thought about it for a while, finally he said: “Sorry, I don’t know.”
Dawn meant that the light was coming soon. The Dawn Pit had the meaning of that the light would be excavated out of the pit, and this was the explanation of Bernard.
“What do you mean? Could the light be excavated out of the pit?” Sparta felt astonishing, and he never heard such an explanation, and he thought that maybe the light could even buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Yes, it is real, since the light could be buried, of course, it also could be excavated out. It passed for many years, and nobody could remember that this place was the great capital of Istanbul before.”
Bernard stopped for a while, and then he said again: “But a person still remembers that, the person is Coil, and what she is going to do is giving the light back to people of Istanbul. Nobody is stronger than her; she is the most powerful person in our Spear of Sun.”
Sparta did not know how to said, but he thought that Bernard did not need to praise Coil so much. If Bernard went on talking, maybe the game was going to finish.
“Hello, young man, do you need my help and Guild Wars 2 gold?” While Sparta was thinking about it, a fat monk came and said to him.