Guild Wars 2: The Monsters of Mandrake

While Sparta was busy killing the monsters with his skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, he suddenly found a special monster among the scale monsters, it was very huge, and it looked like a crocodile, but it was fatter than a crocodile.
It was the Iron Dragon, and it was in level 10. A monster which was in level 10 could not threaten a person in level 20, but now Sparta and his mates were in level 5, so the Iron Dragon was nearly a BOSS for them, but this monster was not a BOSS, it was stronger than a simple BOSS.
“Is it a mistake for the system? Why does a monster in level 10 appear?” Sparta complained in his heart, but he had to fight with the Iron Dragon. It was lucky that he equipped with the skill of Carefulness and much Guild Wars 2 gold, and it could add defense for his mates, he also had the Ready to Fighting, which could decrease damage. The Iron Dragon was a monster of warrior department, though its skin was thick, he did not have the skill of self-healing, so after a while, it was killed.
There was a big piece of dragon meat on the ground after the monster died.
It was not material, and it was also not the equipment which could be separated, was it the medicine? Sparta knew that there was no medicine in Guild Wars 2, so it should be special thing, Sparta did not know whether he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold with it.
“Please give me to the cook in the city, and maybe he is collecting this kind of things.” There was a line under the dragon meat, and then Sparta knew it.
After a while, Sparta and his mates eliminated all of the monsters in the river slowly, and as if it was safe ashore, there was the white light in the front, and it should be the entrance of the pit.
Suddenly the ground began to shake, and a lot of white monsters came out of the ground, they looked like plants or animals, or they were the combination of both animals and plants. The monsters had big heads, and the head looked like the strong root of plant, but their arms and legs were very slender, they also had much Guild Wars 2 gold.
The name of these monsters was mandrake, but the mandrake should be a kind of herb. Sparta remembered that when he was young, and he went to dig the root of mandrake out with his grandfather, because it could be made to medicine.