New Task for Sparta in Guild Wars 2

Coil stopped for a while, and she was thinking about something, and then she said again: “Many years ago, Frank on the west was our capital, but now it is controlled by the monsters and wraiths.”
“I think the wraith is terrible.” The old capital might turn to be a ghost city.
“Yes, it is very terrible, so the local people don’t go into the place, even if they have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” Coil said seriously, “But this forbidden place should be eliminated by us, if I could get the capital back, I will be greater!” Coil said.
“Yes, my commander.” Sparta said, and he thought that this woman’s ambitions were very strong.
Nobody remembered when it happened, the capital of Frank was destroyed by the disaster, and a lot of people lost their precious lives and Guild Wars 2 gold, so most of the people wanted to forget this thing.
But Coil, the bravest female leader of Spear of Sun persuaded the elders of Istanbul, especially Sur, he began to work for looking for the capital.
The old capital was a rubble field now, so it needed to be exhumed and exploited. But nobody knew what would appear under the ground, maybe there would be terrible wraith or huge monster.
But the excavation went smoothly under the management of the guild, if an accident happened, the Spear of Sun would control the situation first.
“Now we need some mining workers, go to find Bernard to talk about this thing, and he was the mining engineer, if you need help or Guild Wars 2 gold, you can also go to find Rancor, I believe that his ability could help you much.”
There were so many names of non-player-controlled characters, and Sparta could not keep them in mind. Sparta also did not know why he should go to find the mining workers, and he did not want to go to dig a mine.
“I told you many names just now, and you cannot keep them in mind, is it right?” Coil asked, and she knew Sparta’s thought, “It does not matter, walk along the tips, and then you will get to the pit, Bernard and Rancor will appear. But you should be careful, there will be many strong monsters on the way to the pit, and they are more powerful than the monsters you saw before, and don’t forget to buy Guild Wars 2 gold first.”
“Is that true? It is great, because it will be more biting!” Sparta said excitedly, it seemed that he was really the type to take risks.