Guild Wars 2: Making the Skills Ready

There was still a skill of Sprint, it was the stance of increasing moving speed, but it belonged to the strength department of warrior’s main attribute, because it could not add point and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, so it was also useless. Finally Sparta saw a battle howl.
It was the Carefulness, and its profession was warrior, its type was tactic to master, its attribute was battle howl, and this skill could make the mates nearby increase the defense for 5 to 21 point, and the function of this skill could last for 5 to 10 seconds, it consumed 4 point of anger.
“Your choosing is right, my child.” Coil said, as if she knew what Sparta thought, “The warrior has a lot of battle howls, but now you could learn the Carefulness only, and it is also useful for you. The function of the Carefulness is adding defense and Guild Wars 2 gold for your mates, and it does not need to consume energy, but it consumes anger, as far as I know, there are not so many battle howls that consume anger.”
“If I sing a song with anger, could I return blue?” Sparta asked, because he remembered the function of returning blue for commander.
“Yes, of course, so I think that the Carefulness is a very good battle howl, it does not consume your energy, and it could also add blue for you, you could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” Coil answered surely.
“It is too great! The combination of both oracle and warrior is really powerful!” Sparta said happily, and then he put this skill into his skill bar, so the skills he had were: 1 Lightning Spear; 2 Spear of Thorns; 3 Carefulness; 4 Flame Hymn; 5 Signet of Aggressive; 6 Ready to Fighting; 7 Soothing of Leader; 8 Sun Resurrection.
The first one and the second one were attacking skills, some of them could protect the user and his mates; and someone could attack enemy heavily, the fifth one could accumulate anger quickly, the seventh one would add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold for the user at critical moment, finally nearly all of people had the resurrection.
“Well, now it is time to get capital back for us.” Coil said suddenly, and as if she was a little sad.
“What capital? I think that Kamala is the capital of Istanbul.” Sparta asked, and he was a little puzzled.
“Kamala is only a commercial centre, but we need a capital, a real core city which belongs to Istanbul.”