A Plant Monster in Guild Wars 2

Now Sparta was in level 3, so it should be easy to be in level 5. Sparta did not think about it anymore, and then he took his hero and two mercenaries with their cheap Guild Wars 2 gold to walk out of the north gate of Kamala.
The plane was desert where there was no tree, but there were some green grass near the gate of Kamala. But the green plants were a little strange, and Sparta thought that they looked like corpse flowers, and maybe it could kill him at any time.
Though Sparta was a little afraid, he did not stop.
It seemed that they were going to come to the common border between the green place and the desert. Suddenly a lightning fell off from sky, and it hit the middle position among the four persons, and then Sparta was scared, he even dropped his Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Human beings, you offend my area.” Who was speaking? They looked over, but they did not see any person, there were only some grass.
“I am here, don’t look for me.” A grass was speaking! But it was a large grass.
“Could a plant speak?” Sparta even could not believe his ears, and he thought that he was making a dream.
“Why could not a plant speak? I can also move, and I have wind spell, of course, I can buy Guild Wars 2 gold by myself, so it is not the patent of your human beings.” The plant was a little unhappy, “Human beings think that you are the host of this land, and you can control any other species, you can breed it if you like it, or you will kill it. You even kill your own countryman. This is a plane, but there were many green trees before, now it turned to be a desert because of wars.” The plant said sadly, but he was also very angry, it seemed that the war made it very painful.
“Is that true? I think that this place never has trees.” Sparta said, and he pretended to be stupid.
“Go away, human beings, I don’t like you, leave here quickly, if you don’t disappear later, I will show you the power of my lightning, no matter how much Guild Wars 2 gold you have.” The lightning he used just now was really powerful, and Sparta did not want to see it again, so he had to leave.
The plant was in level 5, so it was obvious that it was more powerful than Sparta and his mates, and there was golden light around the plant, so it should be a BOSS.