The Task of Sparta in Guild Wars 2

It was the Soothing of Leader, its profession was oracle, its type was commander, and its attribute was skill, you would get 30 to 66 point of physical strength, according to the number of mates in the hearing range, each one could provide 10 to 18 point of physical strength for you, and this skill consumed five point of energy, the casting time was 2, the cooling time was 8.
“It is good, and I can get 140 point of physical strength at most one time, and maybe I don’t need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, it is more than the amount of blood which is added by the Signet of Cooperating. It is a pity that there is a casting time of two seconds.”
Though Sparta said this, he still changed Signet of Cooperating for Soothing of Leader, and now the eight skills he had were: Spear of Lightning, Spear of Thorns, Brutal Projection, Flame Hymn, Signet of Aggression, Song Healing, Soothing of Leader and Resurrecting.
“Well, now you choose your skills well, and then you can leave here with your skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, go to Kamala, and it is the busiest place of Istanbul.” Coil said, and then she took Sparta to walk into a transmission gate.
Kamala was a port, and there were many people who came from the three continents here, there were not only local people of Iona, there were also passengers who were from Kansan and Styria, and people here all had much Guild Wars 2 gold. This was a focus of business, and people of Kamala even did not need to work. This place was also a focus of international politics, many countries had consulates in Kamala, and some large-scale guilds also had agencies here.
In a word, there were most people in Kamala in Guild Wars 2, and it looked like New York in realized world.
If the Istanbul Island was a diamond on the Iona Continent, and then Kamala was the best diamond.
“Sparta?” Coil called him quietly.
“What’s wrong?” Sparta was busy looking at the beauty of Kamala, and he even did not care other people.
“It is such a beautiful city, but there will be a big danger here, so please remember your task, you should protect this city with your skills and Guild Wars 2 gold.” Coil said to Sparta seriously.
“Yes, I know, I won’t fail.” Sparta said with much confident.
Coil nodded, and then she pointed to the north, she said: “Walk out of this gate, and pass the plain behind the gate, go to the templar of Spear of Sun, if you are in level 5 in future, come to find me.”