Guild Wars 2: Fighting with the Pirates

“It is good, and you can accept this task bravely.” Coil looked at Sparta with approval eyes, “But before you begin the task, I will introduce two friends to you, and later I will give you much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, though they are also the non-player-controlled characters who can help you, but they are not heroes, and they are mercenaries.”

“Hello, I am Solo, I am also an oracle, and I will help you to make the battle to be easier.” He was also an oracle! There were so many oracles in this guild.

“Hello, I am Janice, you will discover that there is one more monk in the team, and it is so good, and if you take me in your team, you even don’t need to use the Guild Wars 2 gold.”

This monk was a woman, and she also had black skin.

“Well, now you can start, there are still three new players of Spear of Sun, please protect them well.”

They walked out of the village, and then they found that the seacoast was full of battle fire. There was a pirate ship on each side, and the houses on the seacoast were destroyed.

In order to protect the villagers, the Spear of Sun evacuated the villagers early, now there were only the pirates and the group of Sparta in the instance.

Though there were so many pirates, but they were not with each together, and they dispersed into every corner, it seemed that they did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold. There were only four to five persons in a team. There were four persons in the team of Sparta first, but now there were three more new mercenaries, and they had Coil’s help, so it should be easy to kill the five pirates.

“Well, my warrior, you learn to disperse the enemies, and then you can kill them one by one, so I think you don’t need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold again.” Coil praised Sparta.

“Thank you.” Sparta said, but he thought that it was very easy, even a little boy also knew it, and Coil did not need to praise him.

“There are great armed forces on the both of pirate ships, and we could not go to fight with them directly. I think the artillery on the ship is a big frighten to us, so we should get rid of it first.”

“What should we do?” Sparta was puzzled, and now he did not know how to deal with the pirates.

“It is very easy, and we could also use the artillery.”

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