The Good Situation for Us in Guild Wars 2

It was great, we could use the Black Damp continuously, so we could interrupt in infinite range, I thought that the four elementalists would be killed by us soon, and then we could get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold again.
We got into the arena again, the four elementalists jumped to the sky once more, and they used the Earth Attunement and the Ducking Enchantment. While they were using the buff skills, Hansen got the Black Damp ready.
It was the Glyph of Power, it seemed that the enemies wanted to kill us in a second again, but they did not use the Glyph of Power successfully this time.
Hansen shot at them, and then there was green smog among the four enemies, all of the skills in the smog were interrupted, but I did not whether they could use their Guild Wars 2 gold.
The enemies felt the situation was bad to them, so they moved, they wanted to run away. Just when they began to run, they were out of the range of the Ducking Enchantment, Winnie was clever, and she went to attack them with her hammer. Polly also moved, and she knew the power of disciplinary skills, so she took them this time, now she was using the negative skill to the elementalist.
It seemed that we were going to kill one enemy soon, this time, another elementalist gave a helping hand, and she used the Rejuvenation.
Shit! They had so enough skills and Guild Wars 2 gold.
This was the second time to fight with these elementalists, and now we knew their eight skills: Life Healing, Rejuvenation, Removing Mantra, Earth Attunement, Glyph of Power, Obsidian, Ducking Enchantment, and Resurrection.
Only the Obsidian was an attacking skill, others were helping skills. But Obsidian was enough for a new player to kill a person in a second.
The four enemies cooperated with each other very well, and if they wanted to attack a person to die, they would not fail.
But now even if they wanted to kill us, they had no method, the endless Black Damp interrupted all of their skills, and they even could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold. They must be with each other together because of the Ducking Enchantment, so they were in the range of the Black Damp. If anyone of them could not bear of being interrupted, and then she ran out of the enchantment, Winnie would attack her.
The tutor was very nervous when he was looking at this challenge outside of the arena