An Elite Skill of Freelancer in Guild Wars 2

“Well, I saw that they used the Life Healing to add blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold for each other just now. I was in the Ducking Enchantment, though I was not hurt badly, but I was still hurt a little. I felt there was white light on my head, and I was added by the Life Healing.” Winnie said.
Yes, what she said was right, the four people used the Life Healing for each other, and it was really a good method to save each other.
But the Life Healing had a disadvantage; it was that this skill also added blood for enemy in the range of healing.
After we found this characteristic, I had a good idea. We should be closed to the four elementlists, and then we were in the range of the Life Healing, and we nearly did not need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold by ourselves, so it was hard to kill us in a second for them. If they ran away, they would be out of the range of the Ducking Enchantment, and then Winnie could attack them.
“But this is only a stupid method, the best one is interruption.” Hansen said.
“If I am right, there is a group of animals on the south of the Shiver peak, and they are good at archery, they are nearly as strong as me, and they even don’t need the Guild Wars 2 gold.”
It was the first time to hear such words of Hansen, so I was so surprised, and then I opened my eyes to listen to him.
“They are birders of Valerie Carla, they have an elite skill, and it could shorten the cooling time of preliminary skills and prolong the lasting time, I think it will better if we could use it with the Black Damp.” “Is that true?”
I went to the storehouse quickly, as if I went to get the Guild Wars 2 gold, and then I found an elite book of a freelancer of the first section, I did not know how long it has been here, I opened it and looked at it, suddenly I found the skill, it was the Well-Train, it was an elite skill, and its profession was freelancer, its attribute was stance, it could last for 20 to 32 seconds, it could increase the cooling speed of preliminary skill, and it could also prolong the lasting time, it consumed five point of energy, the cooling time was 15. I thought about it for a while, and then I found that it could make the Black Damp undisturbed.