The Snare Combination of the Guild Wars 2

The tutor did not think their best combination would come across such a failure. The four elementalists were also very nervous, though they did not fall down before, but if they fell to ground, maybe they would die, because Santana was throwing the Meteorite Shower on their heads.
“Well, it is enough, we failed.” The tutor finished the instance ahead of time, and then we got the win, of course, we got the honor point of Balthazar and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
In fact, I wanted to stop just now, because they were only four young girls, so I did not want to kill them.
The tutor said that it was finished, I was a little glad.
“Sorry, we failed.” The four girls were very unhappy, and they said to the tutor.
“No, it is not your fault, you did it very well just now, and you cooperated with each other well, you failed only because they were too powerful, so I won’t blame you, I even will buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you later.” The tutor said to them kindly, and then he looked at us.
“The next combination is the Snare Combination.” It seemed that the tutor was very loath, because the warriors were trained well by him, and he did not want to see their failure.
“Well, is it the Snare Combination?” I remembered the four freelancers in the Rift Valley, the leader was Mace. One of them could put snare, and it was very hateful, we lost much Guild Wars 2 gold that time.
The advantage of a snare was that it could give enemy range damage, and enemy could not see it or remove it, so they had to step on the snare. Since the combination of the Battle Guild had this name, so I thought that the four freelancers must have snares.
According to the past experience, the four person of a combination had same professions every time, and they also had same skills. Of course, they should use the skills and the Guild Wars 2 gold together, and then the skills would be powerful. I thought that there would be some more symptoms if they used four snares, we had a method to deal with the symptoms before, it was the Martyrdom Hand, it was the elite skill of monk, and so we would let Polly die this time.
We walked into the arena, what I thought was right, the enemies were four freelancers, and they were beautiful girls who had long hair.