The Combination of Four Warriors in Guild War

When we walked out of the arena with success, of course, we got much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. The tutor was very surprised, as if he wanted to say: “It is impossible, how did you defeat the great combination of disciplinary monk of our guild?”
After a while, the war tutor calmed down as a fox, and he told us the next challenge: “This team is the strongest one in our guild, and they are our pretension, they even made many occasions merit, all of them are warriors, and they have great damaging, so you must be careful.”
“It is only a joke, the four warriors have no a monk to add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold for them, so it must be easy to kill them.”
“Yes, it is useless that they only have strong ability of attack, and we could use the block to deal with them.”
What they said were reasonable, and I also could not image how powerful the four warriors were, I did not believe that they could kill a person in a few seconds.
I thought that there was regular of combination of the guild, the first one were four Mesmer, the second one were four monks, now they were four warriors, maybe the next one were four freelancers or elementalists.
While I was guessing, a group of people went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, and then they got into it. The competition range was the Tomb of Hero, it looked like the topography of Ascalon, there was fire smog in the sky, two huge magic towers were standing on the both sides, and there was still huge glass column which was burned by the Reign of Fire.
“It is the first time to see you, after more concern please!” The four warriors said, but it was obvious that there were not only four people, because they still had four dogs, maybe their deputy staff was freelancer, so they could take a pet.
“Don’t think that you are powerful only because you have four dogs.” A player said contemptuously.
But the other three persons were still nervous, because the four dogs equaled to four warriors who were in low level, so it was a little difficult to deal with eight warriors at the same time.
But when the two sides began to fight with each, the weak points were exposed absolutely. The four dogs did not have much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, and they were weak in defense, so it was easy to kill them.