The Death of Pet in Guild Wars 2

After the dogs died, the four warriors did not have any method, as if they did not have a skill of resurrection, and they did not have enough cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
The pet needed special skill of resurrection, it was Pet of Propitiation of a freelancer, and the Signet of Resurrection and the skill of resurrection of monk could not resurrect the pet. People who took a pet often had two skills, and they were Pet of Propitiation and Pet of Temptation. These four warriors did not take the Pet of Propitiation, it was a big mistake.
The worse thing was that the four warriors did not take any skill of accelerating to attack, though they had axe, the attack speed was 1.33 seconds, it was fast, but it was also a little difficult to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
But if they had the skill of speeding up, it would be better, because the great skill of warrior needed anger, if they had low speed, they scraped up the anger slowly.
It seemed that the four warriors did not care this, after the four dogs died, they did not angry, and they were even happy, and then they shouted together: “I will revenge!”
The strange thing happened, four red circles flied up from the dead bodies of the four dogs, as if their wraiths flied to sky. But the circles were flying for a while, and then they did not fly to sky, they got into the bodies of their hosts.
After the four warriors had their pets in their bodies, they changed, they had a fast attack speed, and they took fast function of adding blood, even if they were attacked, they hardly lost any blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was the I Want Revenge, its profession was warrior, its type was strength, and its attribute was battle howl.
It judged according to the mortality of mates, each dead mate could make the user speed up, and the function would last for ten seconds, it consumed five point of energy, the cooling time was 45.
I felt the explanation of this skill was very familiar, as if I saw the analogous skill before.
I saw it clearly outside of the arena, and I knew why they did not take any skill of resurrection, because they did not want the dogs to fight at the beginning, so the dogs did not have much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, the goal they took the pet was that they wanted the pets to die, after the dogs died, and then they could use the skill.