Mistake between Helena and me in Guild Wars 2

“No, life is full of ups and downs, and the dark will past, the light will come.” I said to her, and I felt that I was going to be a poet, maybe I could get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold with it in Guild Wars 2.
“I hope so, but now I am not happy.” Helena said.
I looked at her, and I felt that she turned to be the former girl, and she was so pure and noble.
If I could do it again, if I was brave at that time, maybe she would not know the bad man, so she would not be so sad. It was my fault, letting go was a kind of love, but it was also a kind of irresponsible act sometimes.
It was late, I lost her for one time, so would I lost her forever? No, the destiny could be changed, and everything was possible. Now I even forgot the Guild Wars 2 gold.
I was tipsy imperceptibly, and I thought that she was also imperceptibly, our faces were very red now, but I thought because we were shy, and we loved each other.
I forgot that who kissed each other first, but now we were kissing passionately.
As if a god was looking at us, the god smiled and gave us the blessing.
We began to touch each other’s body, and we hugged each other tightly, as if we were the octopus. It was a requirement, and I was afraid of losing her, I hoped that the time stopped at this moment, I thought that I could not go to buy Guild Wars 2 gold in Guild Wars 2 tonight.
The simple kiss and hug were not enough, and we wanted to make love with each other. I did not know whose body lost balance first, and then we fell onto the sofa, I covered her with my strong body, and I even could feel the beat of her heart. I did not know how far I was from her, maybe it was near.
Suddenly a woman shouted loudly: “Dylan, Helena, what are you doing? Oh my god, I don’t see that!” It was Zaria, she ran out of the house hastily, and she even forgot to close the gate.
“What happened? What did we do just now?” Helena was surprised, but when she saw her clothes, she began to shy, and her face turned to be red.
“Sorry, it is my fault.” I was really wrong, everyone could not get back, and even if I could do it again, maybe Helena also would not be my girlfriend, and I thought I’d better to get Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.