The New Continent in Guild Wars 2

“No, it is not your fault, and I did not control my mood just now, so you misunderstood me.” Helena said quietly, and then she went into her room.
The picture in the front of me changed suddenly, I was standing on the shore of Kryta now, I could get the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold again, and the sea ocean wave looked like a child, and he rushed to the land to find his home. But such an easy hope was broken at last.
I did not remember that what happened after Helena left. I only knew that I was in the world of game now, and I began to run a risk in another space.
There were many people and boats, each of them had much Guild Wars 2 gold, and I thought that today was important, many people were going to the new continent, and it was Iona. There were three continents in Guild Wars 2, if Tyria symbolized Europe, Qaysan symbolized Asia, and Iona symbolized Africa.
“We are going to leave, prince, are you afflicted?” A woman said kindly, it was Adela, when did she come out? I did not remember that I called her out, and she called me the prince just now, what happened?
Yes, it was right, and the prince was living in my body by the pattern of hero wraith.
But it did mean that I was the prince. There were some other wraiths in my body including Adela, but I dared not to call Adela to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me.
“Prince, why don’t you answer me?” Adela said to me again.
“Yes, Adela, my dear lover, I also don’t want to leave.” Who was speaking? The voice came out from my mouth actually, but I did not want to say that. It was the prince, yes, it was right, he occupied my body.
I knew this situation, there were two or more wraiths in a body, and these wraiths fought with each other, and the body listened to the wraith which got the win.
So the prince occupied my body now, and what did he want to do with Adela?
“I have to borrow you body, my friend, please don’t mind, and I will help you to get much Guild Wars 2 gold.” The prince said to me.
“Well, I could borrow you my body, but I could see what you are doing.”
“It doesn’t matter, because we saw what you did with Helena.” The prince said deprecatingly.
I was scared, did they really see it? I could not say a word now.