A Champion Pig in Guild Wars 2

The skeleton Mesmer, as if he felt that the symptoms on the battlefield were not enough, the Illusion Misery had the injury symptoms, so they were important to the second kill. Even if a monk got rid of the misery with skill and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, the injury would also happen.
I told Baroque to kill this enemy, and then Baroque used the Fire Storm. When the skeleton Mesmer was nearly dead, suddenly the white light appeared on his body, and then he got full blood again.
It was the Inspiration of Life, the skeleton monk in his team saved him, and there was still a healer, we did not see him just now.
Of course, we should watch a troublesome person, it was the zombie warlock, if he called out a group of bone wraith retainers, and he used the Death Star again, we would be in danger, and nobody could help us to buy Guild Wars 2 gold then.
We killed the enemies finally, and the villagers were safe now, we were very glad, but suddenly we heard the crying, it was a little boy, and his name was Cavil.
“My pig is lost, and I will go to look for it.”
“Don’t cry, young boy, what is the name of your pig? I will help you to find it.”
I saw he was so sad, so I wanted to help him, even if he wanted my Guild Wars 2 gold.
“My pig is the champion pig, and it is the fastest runner, where are you?” The little boy said, and then he left.
“Wait for a moment, you don’t tell me what your pig looks like.” I said to him, but he did not hear my words, now I only knew that name of the pig was Snoring.
Oh my god, what should we do to find the pig? The little boy was not here, we had to look for the pig aimlessly.
Suddenly we heard that there was a voice in the underbrush on the south, we went to look over, and then we found a mini pig. Maybe this pig was scared by the wraith army just now, so it was trembling.
The pig barked twice, yes, it was right; it was the pig of the little boy.
“Lovely pig, don’t be afraid, I killed the skeletons. Come out, come here, it is safe here, and I will give you the Guild Wars 2 gold, please believe me.” I said to the pig softly.
The pig looked at me, and then as if he was moved by my words, so he rushed into my embrace.