Guild Wars 2: Many Enemies on the Bridge

We were very glad to find the pig, so we went to catch up with the little boy. We did not come across any strong enemy on the way, so we did not waste much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and I thought maybe the wraith army went to have a holiday, but I knew that I was wrong soon, because I saw many wraiths on the bridge.
We must cross that bridge, and the river water under the bridge was toxic, if we touched it, we would be poisoned. But the wraith would not be affected by the symptoms of poisoning, so they were not afraid of the river water.
There were many skeleton freelancers, the Hellhounds and the ghouls, suddenly we saw a new kind of wraith, it was sitting on a bone horse, and he had the staff in his hands, as if he was the conductor of an army, so he should have much Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was the necromancer knight!
The knight did not see us, and he waved his staff lightly, as if he said: “Kill them quickly!” and then some Hellhounds and ghouls ran to us.
We had no other way, so we ran quickly; we dared not to turn back.
There were still many monsters behind the ghouls and the Hellhounds, and the number of them was bigger than us, so we could not defeat them, we even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was lucky that the monsters had a patrol range, if we got out of the range, and then they would not catch up with us again. We disturbed the battle line of the Orr wraith, some monsters were still catching up with us, and others left. When we stopped, we only saw a necromancer knight and three ghouls.
The necromancer looked around stupidly, as if he did not know what happened: “Where are my understrappers?”
But the necromancer knight was not nervous when he saw us, he was still calmly, he directed the three ghouls with his staff and the Guild Wars 2 gold, and then three ghouls shouted suddenly, they jumped to us as the boring toads.
It was the Agnail, its profession was necromancer, and its type was curse, it belonged to negative magic, the enemy would get one to twelve point of additional damage when he got the physical hurt, and it could last for thirty seconds, it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 2, the cooling time was 5.