The Plot of the White Mantle in Guild Wars 2

“Suddenly the miracles happened, the seawater began back flew into the city, and the sea water snubbed the fire altar of the charr out, it also killed many charr. But the seawater not only killed the charr, it also destroyed the whole Orr. The incantation which the incantation read included the uncontrolled strength, the nature was merciless, and then the whole Orr dipped below the sea……”
“What do you mean? Did Orr disappear?” The prince asked, and he was very surprised.
My heart also rippled, the sea embezzled a country, and I thought I might find some rare treasure and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold if I dived in the sea.
“Prince, don’t be strange, it passed for a long time. You were busy hitting the charr, so you did not know it. But so many people disappeared at one night, so their wraith could not rest in peace. So there is the story, some people say that they become the zombies, others say that they turn to be the skeletons.”
“So many wraiths appear in our country, though they do not have the skin, fair and blood, but they look like human beings. They also have the strict class system and the rule system; even they had a full set of regulations, of course, they have the Guild Wars 2 gold. If simple people died, it could not turn to be such an army of wraith, so we doubt the king of Orr.”
“There is still another trail, the armors the wraith wear look like the clothes of Orr, so people call them the Orr wraith, and then people accept this name slowly.”
The voice of Browne became quiet, as if he entreated us: “Since you know the origin of the Orr wraith, and then I want you to help us, and our White Mantle Guild also want to know your ability, and then we will buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.”
“What do you want us to do for you?” I said.
“Please help us to get rid of the wraith near the border.” I knew he would say this. He could not help us for nothing. They were already premeditated, and they wanted to pull us into the war between human beings and the Orr wraith.
“Prince, if you feel it is difficult……” Browne changed his tone.
“It does not matter, we will help you, but we need much Guild Wars 2 gold.” In fact, the prince knew that if he did not promise them, the refugees of the prince could not live in Kryta safely.