The Appearance of My Classmate outside Guild

After I thought about it for a while, I found that I did not need to explain to Zaria, because she was not my lover, and she had no qualification to control me, even if she had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

So I was not nervous any more, Zaria asked: “Is that true? Is she really your classmate?”

“Of course, don’t you have your classmates?” I asked her.

“Since she is only your classmate, why does she want to live with you?”

“She is my old classmate, now she has no house to live in, do you want to drive her out?” I said to her, and now I felt that she was a little boring.

“So you want to drive me out.” Zaria said, and then she began to cry.

“No, both of you could live here.”

“Well, you should go out.” Zaria laughed, she was clever, and maybe she could help me to get much Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Why do you ask me to go out? It is my house, and I am the host.” I said, what I said was right, nobody could drive me out.

“But there are only two rooms, how should we do?” Zaria began to worry about it.

Yes, what she said was right, because I could not let Helena live in the drawing room.

“Well, I know, Dylan, you are a good man, so you have to live in the drawing room tonight.” Zaria said, and she began to use her discretion again.

“I am not willing to live in the drawing room.” I was a little unhappy, unless she could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me, but it was impossible.

“Well, don’t draw back again! I have to go to work.” After she said this, she left quickly.

When I went home in the evening, Zaria was not at home, and Helena also did not come. I had to wait for them.

Suddenly the door was opened, and then the two persons came into the house, and they smiled, as if they were good friends.

“What are you doing? Come to talk with your classmate quickly.” Zaria said to me, and then she pushed Helena to me.

Helena really changed, she was native and shy before, but now she was mature and tempting.

She did not have the short hair, and now she had the straight and long hair. Her face was still red, but she was not surly any more, and she was very optimistic now, I really wanted to give her much Guild Wars 2 gold. She was as tall as before, but she was not shorter than other girls.