A Strange Thing in Guild Wars 2

We spent the time of senior middle school like this, and I did not tell her I liked her, she also did not tell me. After we had the college entrance exam, we went to different city. I worked in the outside areas since I graduated from the university, and I never went home. So I did not contact her for six years.

I heard that she had a boyfriend in her university, and she was going to marry with the man. I felt a little sad, but I also wanted her to have a good life. But now she gave a call to me suddenly, maybe she wanted me to attend wedding, could I give the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold to her as the present?

Though I did not like her now, but it was too brute that if I went to attend her wedding.

She said that she was my first lover just now, it should had another meaning, maybe she found that she still loved me now, and she left her boyfriend, when I thought of this, I felt that I was an attractive man, and I admired me very much, no wonder I could get much Guild Wars 2 gold in Guild Wars 2.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you talk to me? Do you remember me?” Helena said.

“Yes, I remember you, Helena, why do you want to see me? What shall I do for you?” I asked her.

“I am in your city, but I have no house to live in, so I want to live with you temporarily.”

Oh my god, one more girl was going to come to live with me, and the person was my first lover, of course I was willing to promise her, and I even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for her.

“Why do you come to this city suddenly? I heard that you were going to marry.” I said, and I felt strange.

“Don’t ask me anymore, tell me your address quickly, or else I will sleep on the street tonight.” She said.

“Well.” I told my address to her.

After I got off the phone, I turned back, and then I saw that Zaria was very angry.

“Is she your first lover? Who is she?” I felt a little nervous, though she smiled, but I thought she might kill me with her skill and Guild Wars 2 gold if we were in Guild Wars 2.

“No, she is only my classmate, and she is not my first lover, she told a lie, I won’t like her.” I said to her hurriedly.