The Death of the Prince in Guild Wars 2

We should start the three gears with special pull rod, and then the Frost Gate would open, the directions of the task prompt told us that. A team of the elite dwarves of the Stone Summit were guarding besides each gear, and they were near from each other, if we were not careful, the other dwarves would come to hit us with their skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold too, and then we would fail.

“Be quick, the prince is going to fail, we must help him soon.” Polly said, and she worried about the prince.

“Don’t worry, we must calm down.”

After we killed a group of enemies, we started the pull rod again, and then another group of enemies were killed.

In fact, many new players died at this place before. Many people came to this place hardly, they climbed over the last way of the Shiver peak, and they saw the Frost Gate was going to open, and they thought that they would get much Guild Wars 2 gold, but they got the desperation finally.

“My lovely friends, even if you are human beings, but you completed the impossible task, congratulations to you.” Saris came to welcome us.

But I felt very angry, Dagmar came to hit us, what were they doing?

I remembered that he told me that they would tie up the main force of the enemies, even if we had to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for them.

We remembered the prince, we completed the main task successfully, but we were not glad, because the prince did not come back safely.

The shock wave stopped, and we also did not see the mushroom cloud again, was the war between the prince and Dagmar over? Why did not the prince come back till now? I thought the only reason was that the prince died.

When we went to save the prince, it was too late, and we were very sad to see the miserable moment.

We saw the huge axe was hitting on the body of the prince, and then the prince lost nearly all of his blood and Guild Wars 2 gold. The monster under Dagmar even went to look over the prince, because Dagmar wanted to know whether the prince really died.

“No!” Dwayna shouted sadly, as if the axe hurt her just now.

“My prince, don’t die!” The refugees who were saved were very sad to see the death of the prince, even if the prince died, but he was a great man in the heart of the people.