Killing death knights in Guild Wars 2

We had the battle still on the sixth floor, there were still those death knights, we used the old method to kill them, so it was safe to us, but it was too slow, and all of us were very tired, we consumed much Guild Wars 2 gold. Suddenly there was a blue light spot in the front of us, was it the gate to the seventh floor?

It seemed that a person appeared at the entrance of the gate.

“Ice empress, you betray the White Mantle.” Who was he? I felt that the voice of this man sounded like Graf.

We looked at him carefully, and then we found that a giant was standing in the front of us, he took a staff in his hand. The staff was very strange, it was big and heavy, it was unlike the weapon of a master, and it looked like a hammer. There were two parts of the head, and they looked like the forked branch.

This monster was in level 30, was he the leader of those monsters? It was difficult to kill the small monsters, and then I thought this leader should be more powerful, he must have much Guild Wars 2 gold, and I was not confident.

“Why do you come here?” It seemed that the ice empress knew this monster.

“Do you remember me?” The monster said and smiled, as if he saw his lover.

After a while, he said again: “I come to tell you that even if you could pass the former seven floors, and even if you get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, you still could not save Baroque.”

“Why do you say that?” Yes, I also wanted to ask him this question.

“Because he lost his nature, now he turns to be the killing tool of the White Mantle.”

“No, I don’t believe your words.” The ice empress was scared, of course, all of us were scared.

“Yes, what I said just now was true, even if you see him now, he won’t know you, he does not like you now, and he will fight with you, he only wants to get the Guild Wars 2 gold.” The monster said seriously, it seemed that he did not tell a lie.

“It is impossible! Why does he become such a bad man?” The ice empress felt nervous when she thought she might fight with her old friend, but I could understand her.